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John Robinson Woodwind

Repairs to all wind instruments and other services

Woodwind Repair - Frequently asked questions

Why do woodwind instruments need servicing and repairing? Woodwind instruments are made up of many intricate moving parts that are subject to wear and tear. To work correctly all pads must achieve a 100% air tight seal and most pads will deteriorate or fail completely in time. Instruments must also be correctly regulated to give ease of playing.

How will I know my instrument needs servicing or repairing? You may be advised by your teacher that your instrument needs work. Other tell tale signs are noisy, clattering key work, notes that are hard to get, notes that require your fingers to be pressed heavily on the keys, frequent squeeks and buzzes. You can also often see that a pad is discoloured or damaged, or that a piece of cork is missing.

How often does my instrument need servicing or repairing? To keep an instrument in top shape it will need looking at every year. It may only need an oil, clean and regulation, especially if I have worked on it previously.

My child is only a beginner, does the instrument matter? It is essential for any student that their instrument is working perfectly. Bad habits creep into playing when an instrument is not working well.